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Retro Glamour Shirt ($25) & Sticker ($3): RedBubble

Retro Bender Shirt ($25) & Sticker ($3): RedBubble

Four more years!

Obama For 2012 Shirt, $25: RedBubble

Also available as prints and iPhone/iPod Touch cases.

Had I been Tyler for longer and longer?

Double Exposure Design | $22 shirts and $3 stickers: RedBubble

I’ve entered this design in Level Up Wear’s Mass Effect 3 contest!

Even if it doesn’t win, I’ll be selling it on RedBubble after the contest closes.

My new and improved X-Men shirt designs!

Get them for $25 each or a sticker of the design for $3: RedBubble

I've abandoned the X-Men shirt idea so I'm now offering all of my minimalist X-Men posters as stickers for $3 each!

Realized my previous Amy Winehouse design fell flat, so I tweaked it a bit.

Get it as a shirt for $22 or a sticker for $3: RedBubble

Some of my shirt designs were positioned incorrectly and have been fixed. Visit my RedBubble page to see the correct designs!

The changes were mostly to my Pokemon, Invader Zim, Futurama, and X-Men shirts. Everything else is completely correct.

Pokemon shirts ($25) and stickers ($3) now available!

Buy Them Here: RedBubble

If you get this, I love you.

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