Adam Grey


Random Fact: The same two people (Max Martin & Dr. Luke) worked on TGIF by Katy Perry, Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears, Blow by Ke$ha, Domino by Jessie J, and Who Knew by Pink.

Isn’t that interesting?

Just watched Ke$ha’s video for “Blow”.

Seriously? What the fuck, Ke$ha?

No joking though, I liked it. Her dialogue is a mehh, but I DIED LAUGHING when she pulled her bra off and then James Vanderbeek pulled off his. xD

Also, no joking, I didn’t recognize her when I saw pictures of it on Tumblr. Her hair is straight and it’s clean.

My Top 25 Played In iTunes. Quite the selection here.

Between the should-be pop princess Heidi Montag, to the “next Lady Gaga” (Akon’s words) Jeffree Star, to British in-your-face, lesbian rapper Lady Sovereign, to one of my very favorite rappers and inspirations, Nicki Minaj, and sprinklings of Ke$ha, Zola Jesus, Linkin Park, Dommin, and Katy Perry, I don’t know who’s more ridiculous.

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